Which country is best for medical studies?

Being a doctor or a surgeon is a very noble and respected profession. It is therefore not strange that medicine is a very popular subject in universities. However, tuition fees for medical studies are extremely high in most states; internships are hard to find and the residency period is very though. Therefore, studying abroad might be a good alternative for students aspiring to become our future medics. With benefits, such as tuition-free education and student housing programs, following your studies abroad might save you from crippling student loans in the future.

shutterstock_101345572How to choose

After deciding that studying in another country might be the perfect option for you, choosing where to go might not be so easy. The world is a big place, and many universities offer medicine as a subject. You can find some help to find your way through the large offer of universities abroad at schoolapply.com. On this site, you can filter your options by discipline, the country you would like to go to and the tuition fee. In this way, finding the education that fits your dreams and your budget is made easy, taking some of the stress away from your future.

The top 5

So which countries outside the USA are in the top 5 to get your medical degree? 1. Argentina. A great option for those who have a small budget. The universities charge no tuition fees, and the cost of living is relatively low for those who come with dollars. 2. The United Kingdom. It is not the cheapest option, but language will not be a barrier. 3. Romania. A very cheap place to live and a lot of hands-on education. 4. Germany. High-quality education with no tuition fee. 5. Sweden. High-quality education in English and free of costs.