Nowadays people of all ages suffer from cardiovascular problems. The Heart Institute of Texas is committed to save as many lives as possible. The medical unit is equipped with machinery that can detect, prevent, treat, cure and understand all the cardiovascular disease.

Further down on this website you will read about the facilities and the team at the centre that work around the clock with the latest devices and technologies to intervene in as many cases as possible. Patients or anyone interested can read about the cardiovascular disease types and how to act in case of a heart attack. Each heart disease has its own causes, thus needs a special investigation process, medication and surgery. Some common procedures are described on the cardiovascular surgery and heart transplant page. Each surgery has its own challenges for the medical staff but also for the patients, as they have to change their lifestyle. Doctors recommend diets low in fat and salt together with a well thought-out plan for physical activities.

In the stem cells therapy section you can have a quick glance in the future of treating the heart disease. Researchers are harvesting premature cells from the heart biopsy to grow into a dish and inject them back in the malfunctioning hearts to replace the sick cells. A different research is focused on the umbilical cord stem cells. They are taken at birth, kept in freezing state. These cells an replicate themselves and grow into any organ of the human body, as they are found at the base of all living organisms.