Recovery after Heart Disease

Recovery after Heart DiseaseMost people continue their lives normally after a first heart attack. After the procedures, surgery or medication, every patient goes through a recovery phase that will ensure the healthy state of his cardiovascular system. These procedures start in the hospital. After the surgery, each person spends between three and twelve days at the clinic for recovery, tests and supervision. Depending on the severity of the case, medication for different pain or factors will be administrated. The doctor might even change the medication plan, according to the current needs.

The emotional health might be affected after a heart attack. The majority of people pass through negative feelings like depression, anxiety or fear. It is recommended to consult a specialist in mental health and to talk about these feelings with close friends or family.

A specialist in the heart recovery will recommend special physical activity. Special equipment will monitor the stress level on the heart and the rehab doctor will tell you what exercise group is adequate for your state, and how often you should perform physical activity. Usually, a routine composed of sessions between 30 and 35 minutes, three to five times a week will strengthen your heart and reduce the risk of other heart attacks. Activities such as bike riding or brisk walks will keep you healthy both mentally and physically.

Eating a heart healthy diet is another important recovery step. More vegetables, fruits and whole grains rich with fiber should be introduced in the daily meals. Processed meats, fats and sugar are to be avoided. A nutritionist or a dietitian can help you find delicious recipes that are good for your heart. You should also do periodic check-ups for the cholesterol and triglycerides levels in your blood.

An important, but hard step is to quit smoking. The market is saturated with alternatives to tobacco that can help you reduce the nicotine in your blood.