A Day in the Life of a Doctor

doctor-790x1024Clearly one of the most important jobs in the world – the job of a doctor is what makes possible for others to live, escape from various diseases and affections and live a healthy and safe life. It’s no wonder why so many young students wish to apply at a medical university and pursue a doctor’s career, since they will have the chance to effectively save human lives and help others improve their health.

Right from the start, those who wish to become doctors must understand that a day in the life of a doctor will offer some insight into the fact that they have a rigorous routine and quite difficult job.

Starting early in the morning, the typical doctor will wake up quite early in order to be able to reach the hospital in good time and start their rounds, preventing any delays in patient treatment. When circumstances require to, doctors will also work night shifts or overtime, depending on the severity of the encountered medical situations and their seniority in the workplace.

Reaching the hospital, the doctor will receive the patient list, which will serve as its “map” for the day, helping him or her prioritise their work, in accordance with the different degrees of the medical attention required to the different patients.

Having little or no time to spend in the office, the average doctor will be requested so many times that he or she will barely have time for a coffee or lunch. Reaching a particular patient will then lead to the analysis of his respective medical chart and, according to it, a decision will be taken, for treatment or even surgery.

A surgery will put the doctor in charge of his or her assistants in the operation hall for up to 18 hours – for the most demanding medical procedures.

Leaving the hospital tired from the intense work of the previous day, doctors will always have the spiritual fulfilment that they have managed to save a person’s life or help them avoid unwanted diseases.