5 Things to Consider When Studying Medicine Abroad

A study abroad program can be a valuable experience, providing firsthand knowledge of

Becoming an M.D

A bachelor of medicine has always been one of the most sought after

How to Prepare for Surgery

No matter what type of surgery you will be having, there is a

Ways to Prevent Heart Problems

Unfortunately, more and more younger people have been dealing with heart problems. The

A Day in the Life of a Doctor

Clearly one of the most important jobs in the world – the job of a doctor is what makes possible for others to live, escape from various diseases and affections

Which country is best for medical studies?

Being a doctor or a surgeon is a very noble and respected profession. It is therefore not strange that medicine is a very popular subject in universities. However, tuition fees

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cause of Heart Diseases? Heart diseases or cardiovascular diseases are caused by smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol levels, age, diabetes and heredity. What is Hypertension?

Recovery after Heart Disease

Most people continue their lives normally after a first heart attack. After the procedures, surgery or medication, every patient goes through a recovery phase that will ensure the healthy state

Stem Cells Therapy

Researchers are looking for new ways of compensating the large demand of hearts for transplant purposes, but also for means to reverse the cardiovascular disease. Stem cells procedures are the

The Heart Transplant

The heart transplant is the ultimate procedure to save a patient’s life. This usually happens when medication or other types of heart surgery are of no further use. Two main